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You are always welcome in your summer residence in Croatia #OleaCamping
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You are always welcome in your summer residence in Croatia #OleaCamping
The capacity of the camp is about 250 pitches
The camp is located directly by the sea
Showers, Internet, sanitary block, electricity, pets allowed
The camp is located on the island of Pag, 12 km to Novalja

In the shadow of centuries-old olive trees, in the heart of unspoiled nature, is the Olea Camping. Your choice for the perfect holiday.
CAMPING OLEA is situated on the island of Pag, 12 km away from the city of Novalja, the largest town on the island. It is located on the north west side of the island, in the direction of Lun. The camp offers an incredible view of the islands of northern Adriatic. The camp is situated on natural slopes that give the guests an open view of the sea, regardless of which camping pitch they have chosen.

Camping Olea provides each guest with a new form of vacation on the island of Pag – being surrounded by hundred-year-old olive trees, the sea and the sun is a vacation for both the body and the soul.

Camping Pitches
Each camping pitch provides a unique, ideal view of the sea. The pitches are ideally placed so that each guest can enjoy intimate, natural surroundings and a well-deserved vacation. The pitches are located in the shade of hundred-year-old olive trees and are surrounded by the indigenous plants of the island of Pag.

The pitches are between 100 and 150 square metres, and they have electricity, water supply and a drainage system. The camp offers free Wi-Fi for all guests.

Olea Premium
Olea Premium pitches are between 100-150 m2,close to the sea, with a perfect view and calming atmophere. One step away from beach and bathroom, spacious, with water, electricity and great wifi.
Olea Luxury
Olea Luxury pitches are for those looking for a no compromise experience! Closest to the sea, with great view and a lot of space! with water, electricity and great wifi.
Olea Comfort
Olea Comfort are a perfect choice. Located in the middle of the camp, you get the best of both worlds: close to the sea, bathrooms, restaurant and reception. with water, electricity and great wifi.
Olea Standard
We are sure you will be pleased with our Olea standard pitches! With access to water, electricity and great wifi right on your parcel you have nothing to stop you from enjoying a great vacation! Surrounded with all indigenous plants that island Pag can offer.
Beach Bar
Take your morning coffee in the shade of hundred-year-old olive trees overlooking the sea and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, olive oil and specialties from the island of Pag.
Pebble beach

The Olea Camp beach with it's natural beauty and accompanying fun activities meets all the criteria of a relaxing break on the beach.
We promote environmental and underwater concern with various eco activities.
Promenades along the sea are perfect for romantic strolls with the sound of waves and the light summer breeze.
Take pleasure in the breathtaking landscape, aromatic environment and stronger than ever – discover the true beauty of every new day!
The following amenities can be found in Camping Olea:

  • Mini market;
  • Bakery;
  • Souvenir shop
  • Store with camping equipment.

Likewise, the reception offers the services of an exchange office.
  1. Only guests checked in at the reception can stay in the camp while minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For every unregistered guest and all unregistered services, a fee of 1000 HRK is payable for the damage caused to the campsite and danger caused to other guests. The failure to register one or more items shall be deemed sufficient reason for termination of stay.
  2. The reception reserves the right to refuse entry and to remove guests whose behaviour disturbs the peaceful and pleasant holidays of other guests.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to spike nails into trees or to damage them in any way, carrying pebbles off of the beach, fencing the spot you are in or any type of construction work in your spot. Not following these rules will prevent you from continuing your stay in the camp.
  4. Check in is from 12:00 for guests on the pitch. Check out of guests from the pitch is to 12:00. For checking-out after that time, we will be forced to charge you for one more day of stay, although you won't be able to use the accommodation unit.
  5. Guests are asked to always carry a camp registration form with them and to show it at request of employees of the camp.
  6. Persons who visit friends or families at the campsite must leave their vehicles on the entrance car park and must report to the campsite reception. Visitors are permitted for 2 hours from 08:00 to 21:00. If you stay in the camp for more than 2 hours, we will charge you a daily ticket of 50.00 HRK.
  7. Entrance with cars registered in the camp's system will be possible only from 07:00 to 23:00.
  8. It is not allowed to park cars outside the accommodation units.
  9. Setting up of the tent is permitted from 07:00 to 22:00.
  10. It is forbidden by law to light fires anywhere in the campsite, on the beach or any other areas. You can use gas grill for barbecue.
  11. Please be considerate to others and do not make excessive noise that could bother other guests, including the use of radios, television sets and musical instruments; complete peace and quiet period in the camp is required from 23:00 until 07:00. A quiet afternoon period is in effect from 13:00 until 15:00 each day. Not following these rules will prevent you from continuing your stay in the camp.
  12. Maximum speed limit for the vehicles through the Camp is 20 km/h. Pedestrians in the camp have the right of way in respect to the vehicles.
  13. Guests should take care of the tidiness of the space they are using. Please collect your trash in plastic bags and place these in the waste containers. Please leave the sanitary blocks you use as you would wish to find them, as a courtesy to your fellow holidaymakers.
  14. Water is drinkable in all parts of the campsite. Water is valuable resource so please use it carefully.
  15. If you find forgotten/left items, please bring them immediately to the reception.
  16. For connecting to or disconnecting from the electricity supply lines, please refer to the camp reception desk. The control of the wiring is done by the responsible camp employee. Faulty wiring will be disconnected from the electricity supply network of the camp.
  17. You can deposit jewelry, money and other valuables at the reception with minimal fees.
  18. Management will not be held liable for theft, accidents or damage to property or persons, nor will be held liable for damage caused by thunderstorms, hail, falling trees, illness, including that of plants, epidemics, fire, natural disasters, etc.
  19. Calculation and payment of services used may be done at the date of departure or any other day till 20:30. However, we recommend you do it on the day prior to your departure in order to avoid unnecessary waiting.
  20. It is not allowed washing dishes or clothes in areas not foreseen for such purposes.
  21. Staying, gathering or spending the night on the beach after 23:00 o'clock is not allowed.
  22. It is not allowed to wash cars or other vehicles on camp grounds..
  23. Post arrives every day afternoon, except on Saturdays and Sundays, and may be picked up at reception.
  24. All complaints are received exclusively via our e-mail:
  25. Guests who do not follow these house rules and guest whose behavior disturbs silence and other guests, are going to be denied campsite accommodation services.
You can reach the island of Pag by road from several directions because the island is connected to the land by ferry and by a bridge.
If you are looking to avoid the ferry ride and reach Pag using a bridge, and you are coming from the direction of Zagreb, then you drive on the A1(highway) to the exit POSEDARJE from where the road signs will lead you to the island of Pag. You will then cross the bridge and just follow the main road all the way to the city of Novalja.
If you are coming from the direction of Dalmatia then you also drive on the A1 to the exit POSEDARJE and you just continue to follow the road signs to the city of Novalja.
All the traffic info you may need can be found on the website of the Croatian Autoclub.

The island of Pag is also reachable by ferry. If you are coming from Zagreb via A1(highway) then you should go to the exit ŽUTA LOKVA and from there take the coastal road heading south. Ferry port Prizna is only 50 km from there via the city of Senj.

If you are coming from the direction of Rijeka then you have a 110km long coastal road ahead of you till you reach the ferry port. After you dock to the Žigljen port on island of Pag, just follow the main road for the next 10 km until you reach Novalja and from there follow the road signs for camp Olea.
You can find the ferry schedule on website of Jadrolinija.

You can reach the city of Novalja by regular bus services from Zagreb, Rijeka and Zadar.
For more information go to Arriva or Antoniotours.

Zadar airport is less than 100km away from the camp and it's the fastest and the nearest choice.
You can get more information about Zadar airport here.
The island of Pag
The Island of Pag is one of the largest islands in Croatia – it spans the length of 60 km. This "moonscape" island is streaked with hundreds of kilometres of dry stone walls, and it is widely famous for having the oldest olive groves in northern Adriatic, the salt factory in the town of Pag and mostly for the Pag cheese, a delicacy made by the Pag shepherds.
The island of Pag is one of the richest Croatian islands when it comes to small, hidden coves that enable the guests to peacefully bask in the sun and enjoy the view of northern Adriatic. Almost all beaches on the island are very large, perfectly accessible and especially suitable for families with children.
The guests can acquaint themselves with the many charming parts of this "moonscape" island using the many bicycle paths, walkways by the sea or paths through some of the oldest olive groves in the Adriatic region.
The island of Pag is one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic with over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year.
  1. How can I make a reservation? Reservations are only possible in written form. You can find the inquiry form on our website or you can send us an e-mail to To confirm the reservation, it is necessary to make an advance payment (30%), which will be deduced from the total amount.
  2. How can I make the advance payment? You can make the advance payment (30%) in several ways – by bank transfer to our account or by online credit card payment from our website.
  3. How can I change or cancel the reservation? The changing the arrival or departure date is only possible in written form (e-mail) and is only valid if confirmed in writing by the reservations department. The amount of the prepayment in only refunded in case of cancellation 31 days before the arrival, but it is reduced by the amount of the bank expenses. In case of a cancellation that is not done on time, or if guest doesn't arrive, the amount of the prepayment is retained.
  4. How can I know that my reservation has been confirmed? After receiving the advance payment, we will confirm your reservation by e-mail.
  5. When is it possible to enter my pitch? The Camp reception desk is open 24/7, but registration is only possible between 7 am and 10pm. Check in of guests to the pitch is from 12:00. Check out of guests from the pitch is until 12:00. For checking-out after that time, we will be forced to charge you for one more day of stay, although you won't be able to use the accommodation unit.
  6. Can I pay in Euros at the reception desk? Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in Euros at the Camp reception desk. It is possible to pay in Kuna or with credit cards. There is an exchange office within the Olea Camping reception desk.
  7. A member of our family is a disabled person, which objects do you recommend? All sanitation facilities in the Camp offer showers and toilets adapted to persons with disabilities.
  8. Can I bring my pet? Pets are welcome in the Camp, but with an additional fee paid at the reception desk. The owner is obliged to present their pet's "passport" when registering.
    We recommend that you also note in your reservation form that you will be arriving with a pet.
  9. Is there a barbecue / grill ? It is forbidden by law to light fires anywhere in the campsite, on the beach or any other areas.You can use gas grill to do barbecue.
  10. Is water at campsite safe for drink? Water is drinkable in all parts of the campsite. Water is valuable resource so please use it carefully.
  11. Where can I pick up my post or package ? Post arrives every day afternoon, except on Saturdays and Sundays, and may be picked up at reception.
  12. Where can I park my car? All guests of campsite have free parking for one of their vehicles. Guests of the camp can park their cars on the pitch.
The island of Pag, Novalja and the surrounding places offer countless possibilities to pursue various activities. Whether you are a nature, adventure, culture, entertainment, history or food enthusiast – you can find it all within a 30-kilometre radius.
Designated bicycle paths, hundred-year-old olive groves, the Zrće party beach, museums, trips to national and nature parks, gorgeous beaches and landscapes and so much more.
For additional activities, feel free to e-mail us or call the local Tourist Board of Novalja.

Trg Brišćić 1, 53291 Novalja, Pag, Croatia
Phone: +385 (0) 53 661-404
Fax: +385 (0)53 663-238
The large sanitary facilities are constructed and equipped completely in accordance with ADAC standards. Likewise, the guests have washing machines and dryers, as well as pet washing station, at their disposal.

· Hot-water showers
· Stalls with wash basins
· Toilets
· Sanitary facilities for children
· Baby changing area
· Bathrooms for persons with special needs
· Private stalls
· Area for washing laundry by hand
· Area for manual dishwashing
· Washing machines and dryers
· Chemical toilet
· Hot-water pet washing station
The Mediterranean atmosphere that the guests can experience for themselves provides more than the simple comfort of physical rest: it calms all senses, emphasizing what's important – and that is nature!

The guests can try the most famous island delicacy – Pag cheese – along with many other delicacies in excellent restaurants, both in the town of Novalja and in other locations on the island.

Regardless of whether you want an active vacation, evening entertainment or just plain old rest by the sea on some of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic, Novalja has something to offer to all of the generations in your family.
Camping Prices
*prices in euros are only informational, payment on the reception is in a croatian currency (HRK)

The price of accommodation on a camping pitch includes:
car + tent + electricity and water
car + trailer + electricity and water
motorhome avtodom + electricity and water

Our Partners
Find Us
Olea Camping
Pag, Croatia
Sonjevi Stani 38 b, 53291, Novalja
Phone: + 385 21 770 022
We are open from 01/05 (May) to 11/10 (October) 2020. Check-in is possible daily 24/7
Olea Camping
Pag, Croatia
Sonjevi Stani 38 b, 53291, Novalja
Phone: + 385 21 770 022
We are open from 01/05 (May) to 11/10 (October) 2020. Check-in is possible daily 24/7
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